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Peace and Long Life! Mr. Spock   Live Long and Prosper!
(Peace:John 14:27, Long Life: Ps. 91:16, Prosperity: Joshua 1:7-8, Ps. 35:27, 3 John 2)

Welcome to the personal Home Page of Bill Bailey! (And, yes, I am a Christian and a Trekker!)
Send me some e-mail (drbill [at] drbillbailey.net) and let me know that you think of my Home Page!

These are some of my interests and a few of my favorite sites:

Study of The Bible - God's Word!  I attend Faith and Victory Church, where I am the Director of Service Ministries, or Helps Ministries.   Some good sites are Kenneth Hagin Ministries and Kenneth Copeland Ministries.  For more great links, check out our Links Page.
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e-Sword!  Check out this great electronic Bible!
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My wonderful family! Click HERE for a shot of us as Trekkers!  I am blessed with a beautiful wife, Belinda, and the cutest, sweetest little boy in the world, Benjamin!

Star Trek is fun... and I enjoy it, as well as other Science Fiction... I love to read, and when I get the chance, I "kick back" and read as many SciFi books as possible!

Bill Gatus of Borg

I do Red Hat Linux as well as some Microsoft consulting professionally, and I am seriously "into" Open Source software... especially Linux-based solutions... for cool Linux info, check out Linux World at:


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I am also a charter member of the Association of Internet Professionals, and a member of the HTML Writer's Guild.

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Professionally, I'm a Computer Consultant, and System Administrator for High Point Regional Health Systems in High Point, NC; here's my resume! (Or, for the truly "stout of heart", my Curriculum Vitae!)  I also configure high quality, hand built PC server systems, running Red Hat Linux, or Windows ...check out my Dr. Bill Bailey.NET Site.  If you are looking for an Open Source, Linux, or Network Consultant in the Greensboro, High Point, or Winston-Salem area... contact me!  Send any questions, or contact me for consulting "gigs" at: drbill [at] drbillbailey.net
Dr. Bill -- "Techno-Nerd"
The Techno-Nerd!

I received my Ph.D. in Theology from Life Christian University and Seminary in June of 1997 (check here for pictures!) and I have been the Academic Dean of the Greensboro Extension Campus of Life Christian University. I completed my second doctorate in Naturopathy with an emphasis in Complimentary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) from the Trinity College of Natural Health.  Check out more info on Classical Naturopathy with this link!



Space Ship

You could also call me a "space junkie", check out the NASA page, for what's happenin' in space!



By the way, I am NOT the "Bill Bailey" pictured at right ----->

I understand that he is a very funny comic in the U.K., but, sorry, no relation (that I know of, anyway.)  I am considered mildly amusing in my own circles, however!

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Dr. Bill Bailey, Webmaster!
In my secret identity of "WebMaster" I make the web safe and informative for all!  (Yeah, right!)

I used to run a BBS (in the days before the Web) called "The BillBoard BBS", it was up in Greensboro for ten years beginning in the very early eighties...if you remember that, you are truly an "ol' timer!"  How old an e-mail do you have "in the archives" of the Internet?  Just for fun...  HERE is the oldest one of mine that I can find... though I know there are other's older!

Looking for the best search engine on the 'net?  Here is a link to: Google!

Or, check out the world's largest open system, human edited search engine:  DMOZ!

If you are looking for great Shareware and Freeware now, check these sites: Hotfiles, Softseek, Tucows, Jumbo, Shareware.com!


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