How to Share and Map a Network Drive Using a Crossover Cable Between Systems

Connect the machines together using a crossover Ethernet cable (which may be purchased at Best Buy, Intrex, etc.)  Be sure it is not a common "straight-through" Ethernet cable (sometimes referred to as a "patch cable".)  Connect the two systems together with the crossover cable from one machine's Ethernet port to the other machine's Ethernet port.  (These ports look like over-sized telephone cable jacks.)  If you do not have one on your computer, you will need to install an Ethernet card (sometimes called a "NIC card".)  Once connected, proceed as follows:

1) Open up Windows Explorer:

Windows Explorer

2) Using your mouse, "right-click" on the C: drive icon, on the machine that you want to "share out" (that is, the machine that you want to copy files FROM.)


3) Select "Properties" from the drop down menu, and click on that selection with your mouse.

Sharing the Drive

4) Click on the "Sharing" tab.  Fill out the form as shown.  The "default" name of a drive share is the letter of the drive followed by a "$" sign.  Make sure that the "Share this folder" option is checked.  You can also click on the "Permissions" button and be sure that "Everyone" has full "read/write" permissions.  If they don't select that, and apply it.

Mapping the Drive

5) Now you are ready to move over to the OTHER machine, that is, the machine that you want to copy file TO.  In that machine's Windows Explorer, Select the "Tools" option, and then select "Map Network Drive."

Completing the Process!

6) Select an "unmapped" drive (one should show up by default.)  In this example, the available "drive name" is "Z:".  In the "Folder" field, type in the name of the machine that you are copying files FROM, and follow it with the share name that we set up on that machine (which is "C$".)  If you do not know the name of the machine that you are copying FROM (that you set up the "C$" share on), you may click on "Browse" and then select "Microsoft Windows Network" and look for an available machine under that option.)  YOU WILL NOT SEE THE C$ SHARE!  This is because the "$" at the end makes the share "invisible" to browsing on the network.  However, you SHOULD see the machine name.  For instance, if your machine that you are wanting to copy FROM is called "FRED", then you would type in: "\\FRED\C$" (but with no quotes.)  Be sure that "Reconnect at logon" is checked if you will be connecting to this machine regularly from now on.  Click "Finish."  You can now copy files from your machine's newly connected "Z:" drive.

Windows Explorer

Note in the screen above, I have a drive called "M:" connected from a machine (whose name is obscured for security reasons,) and the network drive share was shared out as "Apps".  Therefore, I can copy files that exist on that share, as through I had a real, local drive, called "M:".